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Eralam by Travis-Anderson by CIODemolitions
Eralam by Travis-Anderson

Concept by me brought to life by the incredibly talented Travis Anderson:…


Alias/Title: [optional]

Gender: n/a

Species: Shard/ Tsil/ Droid hybrid

Homeworld: Orax

Age: 60

Rank: High Marshal

Allegiance: Republic

Ability (10 scale rating):

• Force Ability: 7/10, Eralam believed that because the Force flowed through everything, that understanding of it should not be limited to biological studies.  In addition to most of the basic Force skills that were common with jedi, Eralam was a master-level practitioner of Mechu-deru and telekinesis.

• Weapon Ability:

Lightsaber: 10/10, Due to the fact that droids do not need countless hours to acquire skill, Eralam has mastered numerous lightsaber forms switching between them as needed.

        Blaster: 7/10, Can dual wield his DL-77 blasters with moderate accuracy though when combined with his hand-to-hand skills he becomes quite the lethal opponent.

• Intelligence: 10/10, After his force trance, in which he assembled both his lightsabers and his new body, his intellect increased tenfold.

Special Force Abilities: Mechu-Deru, Tutaminis, Force Induction, Force Charge/discharge

Special Lightsaber Skills: [optional]


      Lightsabers: After many years of searching the galaxy for high-quality components for both his new body and his lightsabers, Eralam constructed two distinct lightsabers.  Both hilts were crafted with Ultrachrome and bronzium. Both lightsabers used Tsils for focusing lenses. One lightsaber used a Rainbow gem, Eralam crystal, and barab ore, producing a blue tinged lightsaber

with a nearly white core.  The other used a Corusca gem, a Durindfire, and Lava crystal to produce silvery blade with a core with appearance of liquid mercury.  The lightsaber do not have external activation hubs but rather electromagnetic switches triggered by contact with the Iron Knight's hands.  Also, built internally into the lightsabers are tri-phase switches allowing the lightsaber to switch between shoto, standard, and lightclub.  The lightsabers can also be connected for a double bladed configuration. Eralam also carries two .85 m ultrachrome poles which can be connected together to form a 1.70 m stave with sockets to attach both lightsabers to either end to form a double-bladed lightsaber pike that still activates on contact or command.

Appearance:  Originally in the body of a FLTCH series battle droid, Eralam elected to build a new body using the highest quality components and build it around himself a force trance in parallel with the creation of his lightsabers. The journey would take him 15 years to complete. The end result was a 2 meter BX series commando droid frame cast from quadranium with internal components and circuits built using Ultrachrome. His external plating is composed of mainly durasteel weave covered by more Ultrachrome and bronzium.

Personality: As would be expected of a jedi much more so a droid, Eralam is very patient.  He has what one might call an engineer's perspective of the galaxy, he looks at the galaxy and sees how it can be better.  In terms of his views of the Force, he subscribes to the Potentium belief system as it made more logical sense to him.  Even though the Jedi order does not approve of his existence along with his brothers and sisters, he is still very respectful of his fellow jedi.  He has a general respect for all races, he is quick to hear, slow to anger and slow to action but when he does choose to act it is swift and precise.

Bio: Born a child IIum, Eralem was joined with the body of an ancient FLTCH battle droid and was trained in the ways of the Force alongside his parent IIum by Jedi Master Aqinos. He aided in the defeat of the Renegades during the Arkanian Revolution.  Though he felt honored that the Supreme chancellor awarded him and his fellow Iron knights with the rank of High Marshall, it was a bittersweet commendation as his master was excommunicated from the jedi order.  Most of the Iron knights left with Aquinos but Eralam elected to explore the galaxy to discover and inquire more into the nature of the Force and how it interacts with technology.  Eventually he came to the conclusion that he needed to radically change himself in a technological way.  So he began a journey to forge the ideal body, brain, and lightsaber for himself but first he needed money.

      Thinking to kill two birds with one stone, Eralam journeyed to the planet of Yavin where he used his personal ship's tractor beams in combination with the Force to capture valuable Corusca gems. For three months he sat in orbit harvesting the gems until he had a sizable hold.  A few of the gems were set aside for possible lightsaber focusing crystals.  Now possessing the wealth he needed, He decided to start by rebuilding his droid brain.  So he started his research into droid brains with Geentech which had produced the highly successful 2-1B surgical droid.  He made inquiries until he came to the departments expert on the droids’ brain.  The man was initially taken aback of being asked such sophisticated question by such a large droid, until the droid explained its purpose and opened its chest panel to reveal its hybrid nature.  

The man was named Dr. Hymen Standport and had worked hard to develop the success that had become the 2-1B. Now approached with a new challenge, the man was practically ecstatic, especially when Eralam produced a Corusca gem and promised more to fund what could become a grander project.  Initially, the doctor was concerned that changing brains would alter the personality of the hybrid.  Eralam assured him that change was the very objective of his journey, so they travelled together.  They first stopped by the R&D department for Ubrikkian Steamworks, where they found another researcher who developed the brain of the DD-13 medical assistant droid.

Soon his small ship could no longer support any more personnel so he used his fortune to purchase a Corellian blockade runner.  He hired  a crew and continued with the two scientists along with purchasing the equipment they needed.  They picked up their third companion from Cybot Galactica.  The three scientists approached the challenge with much gusto and over the course of a week had completely overhauled Eralam with heuristic processors, a highly flexible Behavioral Matrix, a Tralang III communication module, and the capacity to develop an imagination.  The scientists were paid to continue their research on Orax in conjunction with more of the Shard.  They parted on friendly terms.

    He returned to Yavin to refill his supply of corusca gems with a much better suite tractor beam radically decreasing the amount of time he needed to remain there.  After that, he continued his journey to the Obra Skai library, to research historical metals.  He came upon documents covering the Sith war of ships plated with a material called “Ultrachrome.”  

    The Iron knight flew to the site of the materials last use.  He was able to find a considerable amount plated on the outside of an ancient wreck.  Using a Force technique he developed called Force Inductance, he melted down the metal and reshaped the plates into ingots for later use.  

    The hybrid then journeyed to a market that was known to sell a rare and expensive Hapan export: Rainbow gems.  Eralam looked over the various gems. He made the discovery that they were actually life-forms.  He scanned them until he found one that was receptive to him and purchased the expensive gem with several of the corusca gems he had brought with him.  Due to the fact that the planet fell on the Triellus Trade Route, it also had another lightsaber crystal: barab ore.  

    It was shortly after this transaction that the Iron Knight heard a call for help in the Force.  He found the source in an optical array which he purchased and took back to his ship.  He tuned himself to the the array and extracted the lens, he received coordinates. His journey took him to another part of the galaxy where the coordinates led him to the planet Nam Chorios and to encounter another crystalline race known as the tsil.  He returned the lens to its people and they talked extensively through the Force.  In gratitude for his efforts, the Tsil discussed what he wanted.  The Iron Knight explained the purpose of his journey and his reasoning.  The explanation excited some of the Tsil especially the prospect of meeting another crystalline race. So Eralam left the planet with five Tsils, two to become his lightsabers' lens and power management systems, one to be his body's power management system, and two to open negotiations with the Shard.

    Shortly after this, the Iron Knight had to deal with a mutiny aboard his ship when some of the crew desired his cargo of Corusca gems.  He disabled swiftly and efficiently using a Force technique that was similar to force lightning but did not require the intense emotions associated with it but rather the knowledge and practice associated with Mechu-Deru, he called the technique Force discharge. (Think taser.) Once disabled, he had the remaining crewmembers land at the nearest spaceport and dropped the mutineers off with one gemstone apiece.  Before departing, he stumbled upon the stone of his name sake: Eralam.  He collected the gem and left the planet.

    He had the ship change course to Tatooine which was the location for his next acquisition: a durindfire crystal.  The vessel landed in Mos Eisley.  The Iron Knight asked the new Commanding officer to recruit new crewmembers, while he conducted his investigation. (At this time, it is two years after Anakin had left as a boy.) His hulking form drew many stares, but one look from him dissuaded any action against him.  He visited the junk dealers and found several droids that interested him concerning his people, so he bought them and had them delivered to his ship.  

    After several inquiries, he journeyed into the desert on a speeder he purchased.  He stopped several times to examine caves for the elusive gem. Upon exiting one, he encountered the jawas in the form of an ion blast.  He rebooted inside the jawas sandcrawler.  He easily removed the restraining bolt and located the jawas.  Using Mechu-Meru and telekinesis, he disabled the ion blaster before they could use it again.  He spoke to the jawas, using his communications module.   He was not offended by their attack and explained his goals.  

    The jawas were keen on assisting him especially when he produced a corusca gem and explained its value.  The Jawas searched their collection but did not find the gem.  So they decided to take their sandcrawler to meet other jawas inquiring about the elusive gem. While enroute, Eralam taught the jawas about the intricacies of the latest technology.  The jawas learned about new manufacturing techniques and new ways to utilize the scrap they had.  

    Eralam occasionally communicated back to his ship to let them know he was still on the planet and was still on his quest. The jawas inquired with other jawas about the gem until they found a possible location with one problem: a krayt dragon was guarding it.  This cave apparently had much history, the dragons that guarded it, lived longer and grew bigger.  Every time the guardian died, a new one manifested to assume guardianship.

    Eralam had the jawas take him to the cave. He left the sandcrawler and removed his lightsaber which he used during the Arkanian Revolution.  Due to his size it was effectively a light club.  The massive dragon, dependant on its sense of smell, never detected the Iron Knight as Eralam launched a swift surprise attack and killed the dragon in one blow through its skull.  In the cave, the hybrid found numerous gems surrounding an ancient device.  The device was fully intact but was nonfunctional, so he paid it no heed.  He found numerous gems which were prompted to grow into crystals by the Force emitted from the device.  Eralam collected what he needed and left the cave.  The Jawas met him and explained that there was a valuable gem in the dragon’s stomach.  He promptly sliced open the stomach and extracted the gem known effectively as a dragon pearl.

    Not long after, after having spent nearly two years on Tatooine, he left with a new crew including several jawas which he trained to be the ship’s engineers.  Then he set out to locate one of the laboratories for Baktoid Combat Automatons.  After several years of searching, (3 years prior to the Clone Wars.) Eralam finally located a lab on the volcanic world of Mustafar.  He landed a fair distance from the facility On the planet he introduced himself as one of the Iron Knights and stated his desire to have a new body.  They were intrigued but cautious but became more cooperative when he presented more corusca gems.  They happily showed him several designs for future combat droids.  After viewing several designs, he came across one that intrigued him, one that would later be known as the BX series commando droid.

    He produced several metals for the designers to use and asked them to build the new body’s skeleton out of quadranium, he would add the everything else later.  Once the parts of the frame were finished he paid the design team handsomely for their efforts and also an invitation to work on designing bodies for his people on Orax.  On his way back to his ship, the Force noticed a small variance in the lava stream nearby.  Using telekinesis he extracted a rare lava crystal.

    Now that he had a body now he needed to develop the components and for that he sought out the Xi Charr.  When his ship landed on Charros IV, the Xi Charrans were naturally suspicious but when the Iron knight revealed himself and his project for them, their reaction was excited to say the least.  They called the best in their order for the project as the Iron knight laid it out. He supplied them with the ultrachrome ingots to develop a new brain using the specs from the one he had from the design team from the droid companies. He also had them develop motors, power systems, cables, sensors, all using the superconductor.

    They attacked the project with much gusto and within three months they produced the components and systems he requested.  Finally it was time to put all that he had acquired together so he journey to the Roche Asteroid field where he dismissed the crew with sizable corusca gems.  The rest of the corusca gem were paid to the verpine to deliver the droids in his hold to the design team on Orax, the two Tsils to Duxum, and to basically have their way with the Blockade runner improving the ship with everything they could think of.

    The Iron knight took all the pieces, components, and the three remaining Tsils for his new body and lightsabers into a room he rented indefinitely. He laid out everything he needed and for the first time, the Shard emerged from its old droid body.  The force-sensitive entered a Force trance combined with telekinesis and Mechu Meru.  When he emerged from his trance the Clone wars were well on their way in and his Blockade runner was finished with a crew of droid hybrids from Orax courtesy of the design team which had been expanded with some of those from Baktoid Combat Automata.  He departed, determined to aid the republic in the war.


-Due to his incredible knowledge of technology, his abilities with Mechu-Deru allowed him to analyze, assemble, disassemble technology on the fly.

-He new body is fast, agile, and incredibly strong. His ultrachrome armor is immune to blasterfire, slugthrowers, and lightsaber

-He can rapidly assess battlefield conditions and analyze the best course of action to change the course of a given battle.

-As a lightsaber opponent, his ability to extend, shorten, combine and divide his lightsabers rapidly make him a fearsome opponent to engage


-Ultrachome is a fantastic alloy but it has vulnerabilities.  It can absorb the blow of a lightsaber easily enough but continuous application would eventually compromise the whole plating if the energy is not diverted.

-Eralam is a little wary of Jedi Council members as they exiled his master and himself by extension and privately resents them.

Ambitions: He desires to see his people join the galaxy as a new species ready galactic society and for the Iron knights to grow in parallel with the Tsil.


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Journal Entry: Thu Jun 7, 2012, 11:54 AM

I just found this very neat skin


Jacob Skalberg
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